Break the code ,discover the secrets the pros keep to themselves.

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I was asked to review this book by the author and i agreed to do so, but have to admit this was with with some hesitation. I was aware of Chris the author and his success making monsters from mortals with his indepth knowledge of all things bodybuilding. The reason for my hesitation? Is this another run of the mill book that is filled with information gathered from the net? Is this a real no holds barred book, or will the real secrets remain so inplace of fillers and methods we have heard before on forums etc?

I am often asked to put my name to something like this in order to help promote it and make money for the writers etc. I rarely believe in something strongly enough to add my name to the promotion.

After reading this publication i have no hesitation when i put my name and reputation on the line when i categorically state that Chris has produced a real gem of a book here. I am always excited to learn new methods of manipulating my bodies reaction to a variety of methods, that even after many years training still challenge and improve my overall goals. It wasnt until i read the book several times that i fully grasped all the information in the pages, all 300 of them ! The book covers everything you will need to take your body from where ever it is now to the point of yur genetic potential in a far shorter time period than you would think. I have already began using some of these methods and noticed subtle changes within the first week of tweaking my own methods with hints of what Chris promotes in BREAK THE CODE. get break the code here



 facebook-logoRob Suckley sent us this facebook message
 ,I’ve been taking gear since the age of 16 ( bad I know but needed to catch heman up) .I got the      odd bit of info off the local bodybuilders but the slin advice nearly killed me.Got the odd book in the late 90s by Paul borreson, but it was outdated because the days of pharma grade gear were coming to a end and in came the underground lab, fake fast and furious, I came across Chris’ first book the works and this was my new bible, it told me EVERYTHING and it could have saved me years of wasted efforts.I have eagerly been awaiting Chris new book for years pestering from time to time with its release date. It finally came out and it was a improvement on the works which I didn’t think could be done.Highly recommend.

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