Martin Holroyd

The first time i saw Martin was in a article about raw power, Dayo Audis show in doncaster 2009. there was a few very bad photos out of focus and a short write up about how Martins physique was a seperated and cut condition that the pros would be envious of. I dont know what it was that made me remember the name but when i began comumicating with Joathan Shaw to discuss his north east show in batley earlier this year. Jonathan mentioned Martin and i remembered the description of him instantly. Saturday came and i expected to be blown away by Martin when he walked onstage by what i had read and by what Jonathan had said, but nothing prepared me for what i saw, Martin was shredded and full he was completely dripping with muscle. I had the pleasure of interviewing Martin and heres an extract from that interview,

Hi Martin can you tell a little about yourself and why you got into bodybuilding?

I first started lifting weights whilst still at school, didn’t have a clue what i was doing but was much stronger than my mates. At 15 I was 6lbs under the under 16 British record for the clean and jerk after only 2 or 3 months lifting. After leaving school i didn’t do much for a couple of years and then occasionally trained in a few spit n sawdust gyms around the Leeds area. In my early 20's i began racing motocross and soon progressed to the Yorks experts groups, racing at national level.
I kept my fitness up with weights but didn’t train heavy.
In my late 20's i took up Taekwondo and ended up with a couple of clubs of my own and progressed to 2nd degree black belt. I continued with martial arts, boxing, lots of circuit training and running etc until i reached the big milestone of 40. Bored with this, I slowly got back into weight training and have been hitting it hard ever since. Its now part of my daily life and routine.

From your confidence and flawles routine on stage you looked like an experienced pro, how long have you been competing?

This is my 4th consecutive year of competing and am still loving the buzz. I've made some good friends and met many genuine and supportive people within the sport over the past few years from the UK and abroad .

Wher are you training at the minute Martin?

My main gym at the moment is the asylum my own gym gym in Selby, i have put my heart and soul into the place and bodybuilders from all the coountry are makinh the trip to train here.  however whenever I get chance, I like to visit other gyms around the area such as Bodyworks in Featherstone and Listers Universal gym at Doncaster, gyms like these and the people who train there always give me a lot of inspiration and motivation, you’re always made most welcome too.

 Martin went on to compete at the NABBA britain and took a third  place ,but the big one was yet to come. representing his country Martin had a great opportunity to place at this show. Many who travel abroad have a real struggle to stay conditioned and remain as ripped as they need to be so far from home. Not Martin he did Geat Bitain proud taking 3rd place, after returning home Martin spoke to about the show ,

Can begin by saying Martin how proud we are of you and what you have done. We always new from the off that you were gonna do great things. So Martin tell a little about your experience in Brail?

I arrived after a 13 hr flight. Sau Paulo was amazing, population of 20 million, never seen so many cars, constant traffic and sky scrapers , All the competitors were staying at one hotel after a delay they got their act together and got an all day buffet of chicken, rice, broccoli sorted out! Nabba Brazil had arranged a local gym, "First Academy" the owners Fernando and Andrea (who both compete) were the most hospitible and friendly people you could wish to meet. They gave us free reign of the gym, which was state of the art (dumb bells upto 90Kg). First few days were concentrating on training, diet, water, relaxing (when possible) and meeting up with old and new friends, all doing the same.

What about on the day the atmosphere must have been amazing?

The competition itself was out of this world, something I will never forget. The 2500 stadium was packed to capacity. Back stage all 11 competitors in my class looked awesome and twice the size of me! Placing 3rd against these guys was a fantastic achievment. After the comp with a few days to relax, eat and train before the long flight home. All in all it was an un-believable experience, one I will never forget. I know in my heart that after only 2 years of competing at this level i can impove and achieve higher, my motivation is better than ever!

On your return home you have made a change in gyms and now train at Neil Smithers gym in Tadcaster. Im lucky to know neil and speak often he is a amazing bodybuilder and trainer with a impressive passion for the sport. Why such a sudden change of venue?

 Im sure you will Martin cant wait to see you in your next show in the usual shredded condition, good luck not that you will need it Martin and thanks again from we hope to hear from you soon with more updates on future wins.

Martins gym review by muscletricks

It was a cold (yes cold in the middle of summer lol) summers wet afternoon. I had travelled what felt like hrs to arrive at the gym , in actual fact it was around 20 minutes. Not in the best of moods and i have a tendency to be a right miserable swine at times. I had trained my chest and arms first thing at six am as always i missed a meal and despite being excited about visiting Martins gym the old injuries were playing up so when i finally arrived dodging the rainfall as i parked in an ample car park i was not a happy bunny! It doesnt take much to get me in a mood when im like this, new gyms with unfamiliar layous can be a little traumatic to a drama queen like me, but during my short stay and training session at the gym i was taken on board by Martin and Jayne as part of the Asylum family. I felt a incredible ease as i started to train as if i had been attending the gym from day one. Martin had just finished hiw training and was pumped beyond belief, quite a sight to inspire me to kick my arse in gear and complete a fast workout while i was taking in the atmosphere of the gym and its members. They have both clearly made it their goal to equip the gym with every high quality piece of machinery a bodybuilder and fitness athlete will ever need. Some of the machines have been custom built to Martins specs. He treats the gym as he does his physique with a close eye for detail and quality.

Martin stopped for a while and chatted before shooting off to help one of his members who has hopes of competing in a few local shows. I am a people watcher and like to take in what is going off around me. The general feeling of every member who i saw whilst i was training was one of a dedicated set of individuals with clear dreams of being onstage flexing for all its worth. Martin has competed in many shows and has amassed a set of skills that he is passing down to all who train a mass of knowledge that is being charged for in most gyms!
How does Martins gym score ...
layout and equipment 9/10
atmospher 10/10
choice of supplements and drinks 9/10
location 9/10 easy to get to from A19 M 62
parking 10/10
overall score 47/50

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