Personal trainer Scott Kempton is our tip for big future success, this athlete is going places in the British bodybuilding scene. Scott has a drive and will beyond what is expected of anyone wanting to compete at the highest level. With this attitude and a amazing physique displaying a fantastic balance in size shape and symmetry Scott WILL head for the Universe stage one day.

Scott Kempton holds the title of Mr Britain, with one look at this athletes physique its easy to see why he was tipped to win this show by us when we first met Scott. Watch this space as Scott moves through the ranks and just keeps getting better !

Scott attributes his physique to remaining consistent day in day out with a particular attention towards his macro-nutrients.

How does food increase your metabolic rate?

The human body’s metabolism is controlled by one main factor, your thyroid gland, which is determined on how much you eat and how often you eat.

The human body (and most mammals for that manner) work very much the same way. We still work the same way as our ancestors 100,000 years ago, where we would hunt for food and live on that food for weeks. When food was scares and we only ate around 1,000 calories a day, our metabolism would slow down so slow that we would do whatever we can to store fat and preserve fat for starvation periods, our bodies are made for survival. But when there’s time when there is a lot of food, and we ate like 3,000+ calories a day, our thyroid gland would speed up your metabolism and burn more calories quicker. We would then metabolize food more quickly and store less food as body fat. Our bodies adapt to our environment. The human body is programmed very efficiently when it comes to metabolizing food.

So as you can see from this, the more food you eat, and the more often you eat, the more your metabolism will increase. You must show your body that the fat on your body is pretty much useless because of how well your feeding yourself from outside foods, once you have a continuous supply of nutrients your doing your body a world of favors, this puts you in a very good anabolic state for both building muscle and keeping fat off as best as possible. If you want to get ripped and have lots of muscle mass with very little body fat, this very important element is extremely vital to these goals.


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