Open Yorkshire Classic

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Open Yorkshire Classic
A show run by bodybuilders for bodybuilders, I have never been looked after as much in my time competing. Fantastic day! ( Craig Squishy Smith)

I can honestly say the show was one of the best days of my life. The atmosphere was amazing! ( James Oldfield ,first timers winner, Overall winner)
It was a privilege to grace the stage in such a prestige show. (Scott Kempton)
“As always an energetic well run show that im proud to see grow from the very first show.”( Lee Archer official photographer of the Open Yorkshire Classic, Official NABBA photographer)
An epic show, one i have been part of many times, two yrs of planning for my guest spot was seen through to fruition with the help of the shows organisers, thanks Paul and Jason. ( Carl Ruston, Guest star)
The set up ,the trophys, the people and the venue is just outstanding and a great show to be part of . It makes all the hard work of hard training, dieting and dedication count, because you know when competing in the Yorkshire classic is just a great feeling, great support and respect from the audience. ( Lewis Goodwin)
i love this show it is certainly one of my favourite shows of the yr the trophies are amazing! ( Sholan Loonam, competitor)
All in all an amazing day. ( Nikki Cauldwell, competitor)
I have been involved with the Open Yorkshire Classic since the 2013 show, ever since have been blown away on how much time and presentation goes in to each show and the respect each competitor has for each other. The trophies alone are the best I have seen in any show – the work that must be put in to making them just shows how passionate the curators are for the Open Yorkshire Classic future shows. ( John Fuller, videoflex )
I have said in the past that this is my favourite show of the yr, i stand firm with that statement. There is something a little special about this show and as you can see from the comments above, i am not the only one that loves every second of the day. Every yr this show just gets better and better .Many aspects of what was once ground breaking organisation/ planning brought to reality by Jason and Paul are now being copied by many other shows around the country! Unique trophies every yr with the overall trophy designed by local artist Paul Roper weighing in at 25kg and standing around 3 feet tall bring bodybuilding fans from all around the country to witness the event that is THE OPEN YORKSHIRE CLASSIC.
” Paul jefferys asked me to put together a suitable version of Zeus nothing to fancy ,but something that gave the feeling of power and immortal or imperial nature, hope I gave him what he wanted!”(Paul Roper, artist)
As i arrive at this show very early in anticipation as always, i have a not to be missed opportunity to take in the atmosphere of the day and watch as the crowd begins to grow. The reception area soon began to fill up with competitors looking , nervous apprehensive, confident and eager ,a myriad of emotions on this day where months of or yrs of hard gut wrenching training and diet will all come to a head when these guys and girls step onstage to do battle.
I step into the main hall where the show will take lace to be greeted by the shows organisers Jason and Paul Jefrries who make me welcome as always and take me to my seat. The hall is already buzzing with excitement and the spectator and competitors have not been allowed entry as yet. Behind the scenes everyting is being checked and checked again from lights that have been specifically set up by professional photography Lee Archer to the stage itself set out with huge pillars to the side and backdrops prepared. Sound checks, live drums, smoke machines, silhouette screens etc this show is becoming more and more like a professional movie set! We are in for a real treat today.
Showtime baby, first guest appearance.
Here we go folks, the curtains open and the music begins as the compares voice booms above the noise of the crowd the hairs on the back of neck stand on end! The show opens with the presence of Michaela McDonald emerging from the back of the stage through the smoke effect into the spotlight. This girl can put on one hell of a show. Professional dancer Michaela, the NRGFUEL British Classic toned figure winner moved effortlessly through her routine twirling batons and performing around a chair in centre stage…. How the hell do we follow that, what was the second guest spot going to treat us to?

Under 18’s
1st) Lewis Goodwin, the second time we have seen Lewis onstage at this show under 18s. Winning on both occasions. We at muscletricks are big fans of this young bodybuilder his routine is always very polished and with a competitive family of bodybuilders like Lewis has it is clear to see he is coached hard and certainly puts the work in. Lewis off stage is a very quiet humble young man ,but put this guy onstage and watch him come alive! Confidence sharp well rehearsed professional routine and posing !
“The set up the trophys is out of this world. The people and the venue is just outstanding and its a great show to be part of and makes all the hard work of hard training/ dieting and dedication count because you know when competing in the Yorkshire classic is just a great feeling and great support and respect from the audience. Just great to be on the stage and show off what u have been working for. “(Lewis Goodwin)
2nd) Isaac Glave
3rd) Haydon Cobb
Under 21s
Ben Green
” the OYC was my first ever show, I couldn’t believe the size of the audience especially with the UKBFF British finals being the same weekend, a really well organised show with no expense spared – Great trophys!” ( Ben Green)
Under 23
Under 23’s
1st) Matthew Kavanagh. Matty stood out immediatley from the line up as soon as hit that perfect vacuum pose!
“The open Yorkshire Classic has been on my ‘To Do List’ since last year when I went to watch it for the first time, what a great show !! After a successful year competing this year I hit all my goals but was a very tough prep for me, at the last minute I actually pulled out of the OYC the night before, I went out with family & friends and binge ate all night and the following morning, after eating rubbish the morning of the show I hit a few poses and felt full as a house ,but still held condition, so 1 hour before the show I decided to do it lol. I was very pleased with my result and the show as an all, well run, great standard and the guest poser a good friend of my Carl Ruston was a joy to watch with his eagles! Great entertainment… Would definitely do this show again not to mention the trophies are 1 of a kind !! “( Matthew Kavanaugh)

2nd)John Scott
3rd) Liam Elliot
4th) Craig Burke, Craig deserves a mention here, a great competitor
5th) Jamie Greave
1st timers.
1st) James Oldfield.
I was instantly impressed with James, as he walked onstage many were heard whispering , winner, game over, oh my god look at the size of this lad, good god he is vascular. I was so impressed that i offered James a sponsorship as part of team muscletricks. This lad is very very good and will go on to win bigger and better things. He did exactly that, James took third place in the NABBA England and went on to place 5th in the NABBA Universe!!
“I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life. The atmosphere was amazing, I was fortunate enough to have so many friends and family supporting me and every one of them loved it, most loosing their voices by the end of the day! Having never competed before I entered the first timers class and found myself amongst some of the best of this class I’ve ever seen, it just shows the standard of this show. What a feeling when my name was called out as the winner, happiest man alive. ” ( James Oldfield)
2nd)Chris Andrew.
Chris blew us away on the day and it took the talent of James to beat this guy. Chris appeared nervous on his first appearance on the big stage, understandable by the event itself becoming bigger and bigger every yr. Quite honestly this guy has nothing at all to be nervous about when it comes to his physique as he is one hell of an athlete packed solid of muscle tissue in fantastic proportions/symetry.
3rd) Sholeen Loonan
” I love this show it is certainly one of my favourite shows of the yr the trophies are amazing. The line up on the day was out of this world, I loved every minute of it!
4th) Craig Jones
We have seen Craig transform step by step for his stage debut and have been a small part of his journey as he moved from gym rat to competitive bodybilder. I know Craig personally and to avoid any favouritism have been very critical in my comments and words of advise up to the show. Craig mad a lasting impression on the audience on the day and looked confident and more importantly he loved every second of the day and it was clear to see as he moved from pose to pose throughout his routine.
“i would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who backed me throughout the diet. Thanks to Andy from Superflex gym to John from and to Paul and Jason for organising such a fantastic show, cant wait to come back next yr”
5th) Ian Penrose
6th) Billy Ahmed
7th) Mike Hind
8th) Travis Beresford
Big line up of ten big guys! A real mixed bag of physiques from sheer size, perfect balance and cuts to graceful posing in contrast to some big powerhouse posing routines. This set of lads made for interesting viewing for the spectators.
1st) Shaun Harrop.
Shaun stepped up bring a condition that simply could not be ignored by the judges, not the biggest guy onstage but he had cuts and a vascularity that stood out from the crowd.
” I was really happy with the result I think oyc is a great show and set-up, very well run.”( Shaun Harrop)
2nd) Stephen Booth
3rd) Johnny Green
4th) Josh Douglas
5th) Rob Woodley
6th) Mickey Bradshaw

Masters Over 40’s
1st) Andy Gale .
A true giant gent this athlete, a seasoned competitor with a long history of competing in the British bodybuilding scene. 2012 this guy was up there in 5th place at the NABBA Universe! Fantastic shape and lines in his physique. Th width on Andys shoulders back and chest are incredible. When i spoke to Andy after the show he was genuinely shocked at the result, a very humble guy. We we not shocked at all Andy deserved his place here as a winner in the masters, he had a battle on his hands as the lineup was full of great athletes battling it out to be crowned Masters winner.
2nd) Steve Johnson.
Another great seasoned competitor 2nd place NABBA Universe 2012, 3rd place Universe 2014 . Steve is a very well respected man in the sport and is the unofficial title holder of the nicest man in bodybuilding. Steve runs Tops Health and Fitness gym and spends a great deal of time raising money for local charities.
3rd) Joe Sharman
4th) Dave Muirhead
5th) Ronnie Seddon
Masters Over 50’s
1st) Martin Holroyd
Martin steps on stage as always in monster size proportions with the widest thickest set of lats i have seen for a long time on a frame of this size. Martin is well known for his extremely high biceps peak and his most muscular is simply incredible. Another great ambassador for bodybuilding both on and off the stage.
2nd) Derek Jones
3rd) David Steca
4th) Michael Green
Masters Over 60’s
1st) John Barber
Well what can we say about John? I have the uttermost respect for this man, over 60 yr old and in fantastic shape for a man of this age. John has been around the bodybuilding scene for many many yrs and it shows on his size condition and experience on stage. Bodybuilders like this are what makes the sport great.
2nd) Stan Moyser
Guest appearance.
Carl Ruston a regular competitor of the Open Yorkshire Classic took to the stage for a guest spot that he had been meticulously planning for over two yrs . Carl began the spot at the back of the stage behind a silouhette sheet wearing a spartan warrior outfit tearing through the screen with his sword and onto the stage to the roar of the crowd almost drowning out the sound of the live drummer on stage. Carls dream of the perfect guest appearance became reality with a golden eagle flying in from the upper balcony of the venue onto the arm of Carl ” the spartan warrior” Ruston. As the eagle landed i saw Carls arm begin to bleed ,this was not a planned stage effect . Carls arm had genuinely been caught although very slightly by the powerful eagles claws. Nothing serious so i allowed myself to enjoy Carl bleeding for his cause. Carls thick dense musculature was bursting out from the outfit he was wearing he epitomised the power and strength behind a true warrior of the battle ground that was at this time the Open Yorkshire Classic stage.
“Hopefully people appreciated the Greek Theme & the relevance of the Birds of Prey I used , in particular Shadow the Golden Eagle , to Greek Mythology. This was really the seed of an idea I had about 2 years ago with the Spartan Trophy & , more recently , the awesome new Zeus Trophy unveiled at the show for the overall winner. Unfortunately the hawk wasn’t keen on entertaining us , but you can never plan for what they want or decide they don’t want to do on the day. At least the Golden Eagle part went well , over 10lb of feather , muscle & claw , & I have a few battle scars to prove it !! Many thanks to Jason & Paul , & the guys from York Birds of Prey for making it happen.” ( Carl Ruston)
1st time ladies toned.
1st) Alex Lancan
Alex was a bright confident fiery red head with a bounce in every step of her routine that stood out head over heels over her competition. Alex is a 24yr old teacher from Batley, who trains at Fitness Connection a well respected gym responsible for producing many fantastic athletes. With Jeanie from Fitness Connection behind her as her main influence and Steve Flynn NABBA competitor and judge, this girl was sure to do well. Alex decided just 5 weeks before the OYC to take he plunge and compete and what a wise decision this was. Alex also went on to win the award for ladies best presentation.
2nd) Rebecca Croft
3rd) Susan Ryan
4th) Kristina Kate
5th) Debs Poole
6th) Colette Stawey
Ladies Toned
1st) Ilze Kacere After seeing this girl at the NABBA Doncaster when her name was mentioned i immediately looked up and watched in awe as she posed effortlessly to her routine. I am sure this will not be the last time we see this girl on stage!
2nd)Louise Taylor
3rd) Alex Greenwood
Best supporting gym
NRG gym
Ladies Athletic
1st) Cat Jepson
2nd) Chelsea Horton
3rd) Claire Parkin
“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Open Yorkshire Classic, Jason was more than helpful and welcoming prior to and on the day and I was pleased to be part of such a great show and take home one of the many amazing trophies presented to the athletes that day.” (Clarie Parkin)
Ladies Trained
1st) Sarah Halkon. Sarah was shredded to say the least with a great balanced physique everything is how it should be. Sarah won the NABBA Doncaster show the previous week to the OYC. Extremely sharp her routine was well rehearsed and executed with precise controlled movements to the music. Condition wise this girl blew me away!
2nd) Nikki Cauldwell
“Arriving at Castleford the staff were extremely friendly and check in was made easy and quick. I loved the venue, backstage everyone was so friendly, on stage the lighting was great, the event was run efficiently, trophies were awesome, the support and atmosphere for everyone was fantastic. All in all an amazing day.” ( Nikkin Cauldwell)
3rd) Kelly Freeman
4th) Kate Halls
5th) Michelle Henshaw
6th) Rachel Twibill
Under 70kg
1st) Jason Barnett
Jason is a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, as well as being a multiple British and U.K title holder. A great believer in what he does on stage Jasons Confidence shines through every time he steps up to the plate. A real crowd pleaser. Jason also went on to win the best mens presentation award.
2nd) Steve Owen
3rd) Jamie Barr
Under 80kg
1st) Stuart Monkman
2nd) Rob Waterhouse
3rd) Calvin Krawcin
4th) Lee Metcalfe
5th) Paul Ullathorne
6th) Mark Harman
Under 90kg
1st) Scott Kempton
Scott has a outstanding physique and very a small waistline for a man with so much muscle size. Scott had quite a battle with Richard Gannon snapping at his heels. Both guys looked incredible on the day, but Scott rightfully so took first place.
“I’m buzzing right now! 1st place to say it’s my 2nd show, and only been Back in the gym 18 months, plus the standards were so high. It was a privilege to grace the stage in such a prestige show.” ( Scott Kempton)
2nd) Richard Gannon
Richard is packed full of muscle, trains under the watchfull eye of Jason Matthews at Ultimate physiques.
3rd) Craig Smith
Craig ” sqishy” Smith. Craig is well known in the sport for bringing his best and never backing down from a fight. This guy is one hell of a competitor who loves to give the audience a show especially when it comes to a 30 second free posedown. Craig is also a master poser and is always complimented on his routine. He moves efficiently and smoothly throughout evey step of his well rehearsed moment on stage.
” I love the OYC it is one of my favouite shows of the yr and the best show overall for the respect and care it offers to its competitors.” ( Craig Squishy Smith)
4th) Romone Notman
Over 90kg
1st) Mick Casey
“I feel totally honoured to win this years over 90kg class at the open Yorkshire Classic. I have completed in the OYC for the last 3 years and love the competition as the show always goes that extra mile to make it a very entertaining show and it gets better and better every year. In 2012 I won the novice class, in 2013 I came 3rd in the under 90kg class. I decided to take a full year off from competing to try and improve my physique and have a go at competing against the big boys in the over 90kg class. I weighed in on the day at 91.5kg so was small in comparison to the other competitors in my class. It was a very good line up and I was shocked but elated to be given first place. Having my family and friends in the audience made it an extra special day and was a very emotional moment for me. I would like to thank all the many people who have offered advice, encouragement, and support, without which this win wouldn’t have been possible. Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to Jason Matthews, Paul Jeffreys, the judges and the back room team for putting on an amazing show, looking after the athletes so well.”
2nd) Mark Webster
3rd) Owen Crampton

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