We now have a regular column in the NABBA Health and fitness magazine working closely with Photo-flex professional bodybuilding photographyas well as covering all the local shows.. check us out.

here is a short examples of our work.

Mr Universe 2014 Maurice Felstead was born and bred in Hemsworth, Pontefrct, a proud Yorkshireman. Named after his father who served in the RAF regiment, a proud man who would never scoff at the physical prowess of the few bodybuilders in the media at the time.Recognising the endurance of one sport in another as he was a cyclist in his spare time. Mozz as we all know him would begin his journey into fitness by following in his fathers footsteps. He would spend many an hour as a cyclist himself and his well known calf development area is testament to this. His time spent at school and his early years in all things physical was a time best described as a period of athletic achievement where he would set records in athletics that still stand today. Castleford and Wakefield Trinity rugby league scouts were interested in the young natural athlete and trials were offered, although he turned this opportunity down to seek a career in mechanical and electrical engineering, embarking on a career lasting 22 years with British Rail, something that would stand in him good stead for the rest of his working life. The promising young athlete spent most of his free time playing football, where he had trails for Doncaster Rover. He also participated in cycling, competing in triathlons and marathons.
Brought up in an area that could be described as less than affluent, Hemsworth a small town in West Yorkshire, endured the mining strikes of the era. Family life was indeed tested financially and at times like these family units either break or form stronger bonds. The Felsteads became strong and with Mozz’s mother working several jobs to keep the family afloat, a good work ethic was instilled in the man who would one day stand proud as Mr Universe! The MOZZSTER was born. read more in the mag..

As i arrive at this show very early in anticipation as always, i have a not to be missed opportunity to take in the atmosphere of the day and watch as the crowd begins to grow. The reception area soon began to fill up with competitors looking , nervous apprehensive, confident and eager ,a myriad of emotions on this day where months of or yrs of hard gut wrenching training and diet will all come to a head when these guys and girls step onstage to do battle.
I step into the main hall where the show will take lace to be greeted by the shows organisers Jason and Paul Jefrries who make me welcome as always and take me to my seat. The hall is already buzzing with excitement and the spectator and competitors have not been allowed entry as yet. Behind the scenes everyting is being checked and checked again from lights that have been specifically set up by professional photography Lee Archer to the stage itself set out with huge pillars to the side and backdrops prepared. Sound checks, live drums, smoke machines, silhouette screens etc this show is becoming more and more like a professional movie set! We are in for a real treat today. Read more in the Mag…




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