Ian Aspinall.


I’ve been training since I was 16 (1976) a bit off and on over the years. Finally getting back to training about 3 years ago and made the decision to compete as I needed a challenge,like most older gym goers my daily routine consisted of cardio then a mix of free weights and machine diet was to be true full a bit hit and miss, heavy on carbs but as I started to apply the old rules of how much to take in. Protein between 1.5 and 2g per pound of body weight and 1.5g carbs I found that the gains I made increased, also training smart due to my age to lessen injury to joints mostly using to use weight effectively and not let ego get in the way, exercise wise using compounds like squats,squat deads,bench press, heavy enough to work the muscle but not to fail was best, probably you like me will find that you couldn’t use the weights that you did as a kid, this is normal as your strength does decrease with time, it will with a bit of had work return to close to what you could do, the same with your Testosterone. .Coming on to supplementation its a good idea to get as you progress a good quality whey to add to your daily meals also a good vit and mineral others that you will find useful ZMA to help with sleep and recovery cla to help with fat burn if like me you carry a bit of the spare tire also oils like evening primrose, rapeseed will help things along nicely…don’t go down the route of the low fat diet as it does not work on the older person as you need the good oils and fats, the most important point is to remember is rest now a lot will be close to or retired which is fine, but if you like me work shift then you have to work around that also you may have disrupted sleep pattens again work around it..

I have a drive to be better each year despite my age being an over 50s guy. I try to attend as many shows as i can work permitting, so if you see me around pop over and say hi.


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