With the help of social services and a select few Jamie got his own house and gainfull employement. To top it off he has a daughter and a beautiful girlfriend Stacey. Jamie is quick to thank everyone around him for the help he has got over the years and includes his girlfriend on the top of the list.

“it just shows you don’t have to let your past define your future people can go through rubbish and tough times and still come out on top with the right mind frame and determination. “

At 18 year old Jamie began to channel his energy towards fitness and boxing was his choice helping him with some anger issues and building self discipline. At 20 yrs old he walked into his first bodybuilding gym and was instantly hooked by the iron !

  • Jamie Muscletricks

Jamie confess’ he had zero knowledge of anything regarding correct training methods and nutrition, but luckily he began traning at ZIGGYS workhouse where Karl and Shaz saw his potential and stepped in to help offering advise on everything he needed to progress into the champoin we see today. In a very short time he transformed his 11 stone physique to 16 stone in as little as 12 months!

The use of quality supplements from Ziggys ( NRGFUEL USN) made life easier and Mr Britain recomends a good mass gainer as someone with a super fast metabolism as well as a good clean diet of quality foods , clean carbs. As someone who burns carbs very very fast Jamie also eats a daily cheat meal and still maintains a steady reduction in bodyfat when aiming to do so.

Following the guidance of Ziggys Jamie entered his first show the NABBA North East. After winning his class ( first timers) he qualified for the Britain, something he has stated he never thought possible.


“becoming Mr Britain in my category, I couldn’t be more happier I’ve made my girlfriend, family, friends and my little girl so proud of me it just shows how the gym and bodybuilding turned my life around and how much of an important role it has played in my life.”

Jamie McLaughlan Mr Britain 2015

Thanks to Karl and Shaz, Mick Casey for great prep, and everyone who has played their part.


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